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500 Calorie Diet

500 Calorie Diet

As a dietician, my job is to research, test and evaluate all diets I can find or hear about, and I have pretty much tried them all now and use many of them on my clients. Last month I was asked about the
500 calorie diet which is also called the HCG 500 calorie diet.

The diet combines daily injections of HCG with a near-starvation diet of just 500 calories. It has been stated that people can lose about a pound a day without feeling hungry. The HCG can apparently prompt the body to carry away and metabolize fat in the upper arms, bellies and thighs. Think this may be the quickest way to lose belly fat? Let's see!

Experts warn that the market has become saturated in cheap drops and sprays ($100 per month) but that these are scams, nothing more than placebos and will not work. In order for the drug to work properly, HCG must be injected daily into the body by a registered medical professional. The cost of the 500 calorie diet with HCG is between $1200 to $1500 per month.

500 Calorie Diet Plan

You are looking for
diets that work fast right? A 500 calorie diet plan is actually a starvation diet and such low calorie diets have been linked to anorexia and associated illnesses. Our bodies generally need 1500 - 2000 calories a day, and dieters are advised to reduce their required calorie needs by a healthy 20% when dieting. By reducing your calorie intake to a 500 calorie diet your body will kick into starvation mode.

You will start by burning off muscle mass before the fat. Have you seen the catwalk models? Their muscles look stretched and tired. Also, you will be HUNGRY! When you body burns muscle mass you are also putting extreme pressure on your heart and could damage it for the long term. What is your heart made of? Muscle. Be careful when considering low calorie diets!

500 Calorie Diet Menu

The 500 Calorie Diet menu starts with a breakfast of a variety of teas and a glass of water. As breakfast is usually the time to kick start your metabolism and to feed your body after a night of fasting, I find this zero calorie breakfast shocking.

Lunch will consist basically of 100 grams of low fat meat or fish protein with vegetables. You cannot eat any sugar or starch and VERY small portions are required to fit within the 500 calorie diet. Snacks are cups of tea. This is certainly a diet for quick weight loss, but you will be very hungry, faint and weak. The physician would hopefully provide you will a structured 500 Calorie Diet meal plan at the time of consultation for the HCG injection purchase.

500 Calorie Diet for HCG

When I read that it is a pregnancy hormone, I rang my IVF consultant friend to ask if this was true. HCG is a hormone created by the body naturally in pregnancy and is also used as the final trigger shot in IVF.

By taking HCG while not pregnant, HCG actually tricks your body into a state of pregnancy and therefore it burns off fat so the fetus can get enough calories. Marketer's of the HCG diet state that fat can be localised from stubborn fatty areas. This is of course not true.

So, combining a 500 calorie diet, with pregnancy hormones may be one of the effective
diets for quick weight loss. But is it really safe and healthy? By putting your body into a starvation mode you risk your health, you will be hungry and it is not a diet for the long term. The diet is also an expensive investment of upwards of $1000 a month! I have researched many diets and do not recommend short term dieting, drugs or fad diets.

The best diets for quick weight loss work fast, but will change your life along the way! Check out the top 10 diets I have trialled thoroughly and that I personally recommend. Good luck on your weight loss mission!