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Eating For Energy Review

If you're looking to lose weight, improve your health and have an overall improved energy level, then it may be time for you to look into Yuri Elkaim's Eating For Energy program. Elkaim is an athlete and nutritional expert who believes strongly that many of the health ills that face society today are attributable to the high fat, artificial diet that we're eating. Yuri is an athlete and fitness and nutrition expert, and he's a big proponent of eating raw, healthy foods. He advances an almost entirely vegan-based diet that he claims will help you to lose weight and feel better fast.

Yuri Elkaim

The creator of the Eating For Energy program is Yuri Elkaim. Elkaim is a former college and professional soccer player who studied Kinesiology and physical health at the University of Toronto. In addition to getting his degree, he became a successful personal trainer and created over 200 different fitness programs to help people get into the best shape of their lives.

Even though he was successful from a fitness perspective, he realized that his energy level was very low, especially after he had suffered from an autoimmune disease. In an attempt to learn more about what was happening to him, he delved into the field of nutrition. In doing so, he came to realize that people, himself included, were damaging their health by eating foods that were unnatural and poorly prepared.

In adopting an all natural, raw food diet he started feeling better, and he has put together everything that he's learned into a comprehensive package called Eating for Energy. It is one of the most successful diets, not only for restoring health and helping with weight loss, but also for giving you all new levels of energy.

The Diet

The Eating For Energy Diet that Yuri Elkaim has put together is not as restrictive as many other raw-food diets you may find, although it does have an emphasis on the healing powers of eating raw foods to restore health and give you more energy.

The basic program, which costs just $47 and can be downloaded easily on the internet, comes with an e-book, a guide to Nutrition for Athletes, a transitional meal plan that will cover you for twelve weeks, a recipe pamphlet, information on juicing and making smoothies, plus audio guides and a newsletter.

There is also an expanded version of the program that costs $97, which gives you all that plus more information on raw food preparations, more audio guides, medical information on diabetes and cancer, and much more.

The diet itself recommends and encourages eating much more raw food then most people normally eat, but is not restrictive; many people find that eating raw food is the most effective diet for better health, and this program tells you how to make that transition over a twelve week period.

Eating For Energy Book

One of the things that people like most about the Eating For Energy Book and recipes are that they take into account that not everybody wants to eat raw foods all the time.

They also pay attention to the fact that a lot of raw food diet meals can take a great deal of time to prepare; the program focuses on eating foods that will not only show you how to prepare the food quickly but also teach you how much better eating raw food is for you, especially as compared to the high fat diet that so many people are ruining their health with now.

Yuri provides a lot of scientifically based explanations for his diet, and goes into great depth on the way that different foods can interact with your body.