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Yogurt Diet

Recent studies have shown that eating just two to three servings of yogurt a day not only boosts your body's calcium levels but may actually help you to lose weight more quickly and effectively.

Although the mechanism behind this is still being researched, it is believed that yogurt, more than any other dairy product, helps the body to burn fat.

Yogurt has been described as the french woman's secret weapon against gaining weight, and now Ana Luque, a nutritionist, wellness coach, writer and spokesperson for the yogurt and probiotic industry, has published the official Yogurt Diet, a delicious and healthy way to lose weight and improve your health dramatically.

Yogurt Diet by Ana Luque

The Yogurt Diet is a book and nutritional plan that was written by Ana Luque, a nutritionist and wellness coach who is a spokesman for the yogurt and probiotic industry. Ana's diet program is not just about eating yogurt, and certainly does not recommend that people eat nothing but yogurt.

It is about eating a healthy diet that is complemented by eating the right yogurt - two to three servings of full fat probiotic yogurt a day - in order to restore your body to nutritional balance. Following the Yogurt Diet is a great example of how to diet properly - it is both extremely satisfying and healthy.

The diet teaches great nutrition as well as portion control, and encourages you to stop counting calories and start eating foods that count. One of the most important aspects of the Yogurt Diet is making sure that the yogurt that you are eating contains the live cultures called probiotics.

These live bacteria have been recommended for people who have digestive disorders and who are combating the negative impact of some antibiotics for years, but now they have been shown to actually eat away fat and calories. At the same time, the rich vitamin content in the full fat yogurt builds strong bones and restores valuable minerals to your body that are stripped away during the stresses of daily life.

Yogurt Diet Meal Plan

The Yogurt Diet meal plan encourages you to prepare healthy, fresh, delicious foods that are on most of meal plans of the most effective diets menus - but rather than focusing on cutting calories, it teaches you to cut back on unhealthy foods and increase the healthy foods that you are eating.

Ana recomends eating three yogurts per day either in addition to a meal or as a snack, and her diet teaches you how to use yogurt in sauces, soups, as marinades and salad dressings to add variety. The yogurt, combined with other nutritious, healthy foods, restores the nutritional balance that has been lost to stress, antibiotics, chlorinated water and processed foods, and returns proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are essential to our well-being.

Yogurt Diet Weight Loss

Although it has been proven that a diet adding yogurt two or three times a day is one of the diets that really work for women and for men who are trying to lose weight, the yogurt diet is also being touted as being an excellent diet for those suffering from a variety of inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis. Including full fat yogurt with probiotics is an excellent way to fight the impact of aging, as well as to fight obesity and boost your immune system - all while helping with your weight loss program.

While eating the yogurt curbs your hunger and adds valuable nutrients, Probiotics reverse the impact of stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and medications to restore balance and nutrition, allowing the body to heal itself while also burning additional fat and calories.