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Yoplait Diet Plan

Yoplait Diet Plan

If you are looking at
diets for quick weight loss, then calorie restricting diets are always a good option. The Yoplait diet plan is a two week reduced-calorie plan of less than 1200 calories per day.

The plan is simple in that it replaces breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Light, a serving of fruit and a serving of cereal or a granola bar. The diet encourages a sensible high protein dinner and three additional servings of non-fat dairy per day. However, while the diet plan is safe and nutritious, it is very restrictive.

Yoplait Diet Plan Reviews

As a dietician I am always interested in testing
diet plans to lose weight fast on myself and my clients. I have tested this diet and my Yoplait Diet plan reviews are genuine and based on fact. Myself and all of my clients quickly found the problem with this diet. The diet works by replacing breakfast and lunch with yogurt, cereal and fruit. So in effect you eat breakfast twice!

All of my clients were incredibly bored after three days on this diet. It does not matter if you can change the flavour of the yogurt or change the cereal and fruit, the bottom line is that you are eating breakfast twice!

Some people find eating breakfast once difficult enough, but twice a day for two weeks is certainly very restricting - unless you really like cereal and yogurt! The diet is great in that it manages to reduce calories to 1200 and includes exercise, but the general consensus from myself and my clients is that it is too restrictive and that they felt very hungry.

My other concern with this diet is that Yoplait yogurt includes a lot of proven unhealthy additives. The lite yogurts contain the sugar substitute 'aspartame'. With side effects including blindness, depression, headaches anxiety and birth defects, I would discourage the consumption of this additive over a two week period.

How To Do The Yoplait Diet

The Yoplait Diet plan is very easy to do. You simply follow a 1200 calorie plan where you start the day with cereal, yogurt and fruit, do the same for lunch and then have a healthy high protein dinner. You can snack on yogurt and fruit. The good question is not how to do the Yoplait diet, but rather, can you stick to eating breakfast twice for a full two weeks? The diet also encourages 30 - 40 minutes of exercise each day.

Example Diet Plan

An example of the Yoplait yogurt diet plan is a breakfast of Cheerio cereal, a Yoplait lite yogurt and a banana. Lunch - the same again. Dinner - grilled steak and vegetables. Snacks can be raw vegetables and about a cup of other dairy products. This diet is very low in calories and in fat.

Does The Yoplait Diet Plan Work?

Before embarking on the diet then the main question should be 'Does the Yoplait diet plan work?’ The answer is yes, but it is only a short term diet. The diet is only meant as a two week kick start style programme showing you
how to lose weight in a week. Because it is simply a healthy 1200 calorie plan and encourages exercise, you will lose weight on this diet, but you will need to consider another more realistic plan in order to continue to lose weight.

Yoplait Diet Results

Yoplait have done their own research and the Yoplait diet results were that women who followed the Yoplait Diet plan for two weeks while exercising 30-40 minutes per day lost an average of 5.3 pounds in two weeks. They also achieved significant reductions in waist size, hip size, BMI and body fat. This is a great result.

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Yoplait Diet Yogurt

The Yoplait diet plan encourages you to eat Yoplait diet yogurt. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Yoplait diet yogurt contains the artificial sweeter aspartame which has been linked to many illnesses. While I encourage my clients to opt for diet drinks occasionally rather than full sugar drinks, I would be concerned about inducing aspartame constantly over a two week period.

Yoplait diet yogurt also includes artificial colouring in the fruit as well as sulphates to preserve the colours. These additives can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Choosing to eat the plain normal yoghurt would be the alternative and although you would be consuming slightly more calories and fat, you would still lose weight by adding just an extra 15 minutes exercise to compensate the additional calories.

Yoplait Diet Plan Recipes

The Yoplait diet plan recipes are for main meals and they are nutritious and tasty. They contain a large portion of protein cooked a variety of ways and tasty salads and vegetables. Although delicious, the meals are basic and no different from any other low calorie diet recipes.

Overall, the Yoplait diet plan is not too bad. It is nutritious, but quite boring and sadly the yogurt is loaded with additives. It is also only a short term fix and although it encourages exercise, the diet does not offer an exercise plan. If you are looking for long-term weight loss and lifestyle change, the
best diets to lose weight fast are all in our Top 10 list (above right sidebar).