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Zija Scam

Zija is the name of an international company that is promoting the nutritional and weight loss benefits of the Moringa plant. The company was founded by Ken Brailsford, who is a successful entrepreneur in the nutritional supplement industry. The company markets nutritional, weight loss and skin care products that have all been derived from the Moringa plant, and which they claim have remarkable properties.

Zija International

The story behind the Zija company is an interesting one; the narrative presented on the company's website indicates that Brailsford was watching a television special highlighting the properties of the Moringa tree, which was being touted as a solution to world hunger because it grows quickly and has a very high nutritional content.

The website indicates that he immediately recognized its value and began hiring scientists to do research on the plant's properties; shortly thereafter the company pronounced that Moringa was a "miracle tree" and began marketing teas, nutritional supplements and skincare products that promise amazing results; among the company's claims, they say that the Moringa tree contains a chemical that converts body fat, making it a key to quick weight loss because of the high levels of nutrition that it delivers.

Zija Products

The products that the Zija company is currently marketing cover a wide range of health areas - everything from nutrition to weight loss to skin care. Their major nutritional product is a canned beverage called SmartDrink, which they claim is high in minerals and antioxidants, as well as 90 nutritional enzymes.

The list of benefits that the company claims that this drink delivers includes anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, boosting the immune system, and improving the circulatory system. Their skin care line includes everything from cleansers to eye serums to moisturizers, all of which claim the same sort of benefits as the nutritional products.

Finally, their largest line of products are their weight loss products, which come in a variety of formats. The company claims that products that contain Moringa do everything from act as natural laxatives, to eliminating toxins, to creating additional energy, to reducing stress and stabilizing the mood. All of this while helping meet weight loss goals by providing nutrition that they claim the body has been craving.

All of the claims that this product's manufactures make lead one to wonder whether Moringa is something that actually can help you with your weight loss goal, or weather it is more sensible to stick with diets that actually work by cutting calories and adding calorie burning exercise.

Zija Weight Loss

Trying to investigate exactly how the Zija weight loss products work can be somewhat frustrating. Although there are many websites on which the products are sold, and all of them claim that it is one of the most effective diet aids available,it  seems like there are very few actual testimonials, but there are a large number of sales pitches - in fact, many of the sites that are selling Moringa also invite their viewers to join in on selling Moringa, which makes it very evident that the company's focus is strongly on their marketing campaign and expanding their seller network.

Most of the claims about the products, particularly the XM3, is that it is able to curb appetite by delivering a large number of nutritional enzymes. The majority of the weight behind the company's claims are that they tree's products are being used worldwide in order to fight the impact of malnutrition, which is true - but it is difficult to determine how they make the leap from this to providing weight loss benefits.